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Seek out beautiful things! You can't smell the roses if they aren't there.

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World Vision
World Vision Forum: Uncommon Solutions to Common World Problems

GodsHope GodsHope is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating all human beings, especially children, that the word of God, prayer, love, and hope, will put you on the path that will create "heaven on earth" now.

Center for World ChangeCenter for World Change - The world WILL be a better place....

God IncorporatedGod, Incorporated is a site dedicated to inspiring people everywhere by providing faith, hope, love, positive thoughts, and laughter.

GodsToolboxThis new site is almost ready! God's Toolbox will be an e-learning training program for all people, especially children. God's Toolbox will teach people how to develop a loving and healthy relationship with God.

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International Fund for Animal WelfareIFAW's mission is to improve
the welfare of wildlife animals.
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Astrology at KeenRead your daily horoscope with Astrology at Keen.

Spirit WebSpiritWeb.Org: An Approach of Spiritual Consciousness

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